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Gender Based Violence Bursary

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Gender based violence and violence against women remains a significant challenge within Canada and in Saskatchewan. A large majority of victims of police-reported intimate partner violence in Canada are women and girls. Of the 117,093 victims of police-reported intimate partner violence in 2022 in Canada, almost 8 in 10 (78%) were women and girls. Intimate partner violence was almost seven times higher among women and girls aged 12 to 24 years and more than three times higher among women aged 25 to 64 years than among their male counterparts. Of the 1223 intimate partner homicides that were solved, 79% were women and girls.   Saskatchewan had the highest rates of intimate partner violence in 2022 at 732 per 100,000 population. 

On Thurs, March 28, 2024 the Women’s Centre, Dr. david Gregory and Dr. Robin Evans formally announced the establishment of the Gender Based Violence bursary.  This bursary is the first of its kind at the University of Regina. A bursary of $1000 is available to an undergraduate or graduate student who identifies as a woman; has accessed the services offered by the University of Regina Women’s Centre and/or the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office; demonstrates the need for support services, including financial assistance, as a consequence of violence and/or gender violence; and is registered in at least 3 credit hours in the term in which the bursary is offered. Two bursaries will be available annually, one in the Fall and one in the Winter terms. If you are interested in applying for this bursary, additional information will be available at a later date. 


If you would like to contribute to the ongoing sustainability of this bursary, please contact Ben Berger at and he will be able to assist you. 

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